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Traditional, Craftmanship & 

A place where men are as comfortable with a bourbon and cigar in-hand as they are with their hair being done, beard trimmed, and hair shampooed and styled with high quality grooming products used.


Aventus Grooming focuses on craftsmanship with traditional barber instruments like scissors and clippers to produce skin fade styles, beard grooming, and traditional wet shaves. A focus on helping our tribe reclaim their own unique style and step out into the world with a confidence that matches their ambition. Aiming to provide the best service across London taking it to the next level and to establish a chain of barbershops and expand Globally.

A|G complimentary Coffee
A|g complimentary beverages

Customer Service

Aventus Grooming, acquire customers with a high quality service provided, quality over quantity & rather than ‘making a sale’, it focuses on ‘lifetime customer value.

Stylish yet pragmatic, enthusiastic and ambitious yet tempered with a strong work ethic and dedication to craft. Our typical customer invests in Aventus Grooming because

they see their own values and principles reflected in our work, our dedication to craft and our commitment to service excellence.

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